No. Although the knife style will be exactly the same, the handle will be crafted from the same species of wood that you ordered and will look similar.

It generally cost about $12.00-$15.00 to ship 1 knife USPS Priority Mail inside the U.S.A.

If stored in wet or moist environments L6 carbon steel will rust. I recommend that you keep your Ringel hoof knife in a dry place when not in use. There are products on the market that will help prevent rusting and are available at most sporting goods stores.

There are many ways to maintain a sharp edge on our hoof knives. Hand sharpening with a medium grit diamond sharpener will give you maximum service life. Many of our full time farriers report excellent results using buffing wheels and belt sanders, or some combination of these three methods.

You can chose between U.S.P.S Priority Mail or FedEx. Next day services are available if you want faster service.

This will depend on many conditions that I can not control such as dry and soft hoof, dirt and rocks in the horses hoof, and the users ability to maintain a sharp edge. Because of my small size, I am able to achieve a high quality control standard and guarantee that every knife is hollow ground from L6 carbon steel and heat treated properly which will help you easily keep your knife working well.

I have a very loyal clientele of full time farriers who get anywhere from 8 months to years of service out of a Ringel knife. Service varies depending on use, individual sharpening techniques, and hoof conditions. Most equine veterinarians and horse owners will receive years of service from one of our knives.

No. The handles are glued and pinned to the tang of the knife; this makes them extremely difficult to remove without damaging the handle material.

Yes. You can purchase a hoof knife sharpening video as well as a hand sharpener kit from Ringel Custom Knives. I also offer a sharpening and handle restoration service for my knives at a reasonable cost.

I do occasionally customize a bend in the blade or hook for an additional charge. These changes can only be made before the knife is heat treated. Please do not ask me to copy another knife that is currently on the market.